{Guest Post} Gluten Free Vienna, Austria: Nestroy Gasthaus & Biergarten

Given the other demands on my time at the moment with newborn twins and moving house, I’ve questioned why I blog in recent months. It’s taken an email from a reader of this blog to get my blogging mojo back on. It really is for those times that a complete stranger goes to the effort of dropping me an email to say thanks for helping them find somewhere safe to eat on holiday, provide feedback on a place I recommended or suggest a new place that I write this blog. We all read web pages every day but how many of us take the time to contact the author or leave comments on a blog post? I’d hazard at guess at not many.

Howard contacted me following his recent trip to Vienna. I had posted about a cafe which offered gluten free schnitzel. Sadly he advised that having visited it, Cafe Sinfonia has now closed. I have updated the blog post accordingly as I understand the new owners are regularly receiving visits from people looking for gluten free schnitzel. This apparently included two car loads of Hungarians who left disappointed and empty tummied upon discovering the change of ownership and menu.

Where to find gluten free Weiner Schnitzel in Vienna, Austria

“My wife and I did find a very good restaurant in Vienna which does do some gluten-free dishes as a speciality.  It is the Gasthaus Nestroy which is very close to the Nestroplaz station on the U1 underground line. It is just 3 stops from Karlsplaz, the Opera House station, or, coming from the other direction,just one stop from the Praterstern station which is also on the U2 line and is a Regionalbahn station.

gluten free Weiner schnitzel in Vienna

My wife, who is coeliac, had a delicious gluten-free Wiener Schnitzel (photo attached) and a cake which was a sort of cross between a sponge cake and a rice pudding for dessert. We ate in the beer garden on a beautiful summer evening and it was certainly one of the highlights of our stay in Vienna. The owner was extremely helpful.

gluten free Weiner schnitzel in Vienna Austria
Gluten free Wiener schnitzel – delicious!

We also found the DM stores in Vienna excellent for gluten-free products and there is a store on Praterstrasse very close to one of the exits of the Nestroyplaz station.

Hope this is of some use to you. Keep up the good work. Chris was diagnosed in 1997 and the situation for coeliacs is now so much better than it was then and things like your blog can only make it better still.”

When Howard and his wife congratulated the helpful manager of Nestroy Gasthaus & Biergarten for having gluten free food on their menu, they were advised the Viennese Coeliac Society sometimes meet there which is certainly an endorsement.

Howard recommends calling Gasthaus Nestroy in advance to check they are still doing gluten free food. This is sage advice given the situation with Cafe Sinfonia. Places open and close or change their menu/ownership all the time and it’s important to double check things before making a special trip to avoid disappointment.

Many thanks to Howard for taking the time to leave a comment on the Cafe Sinfonia post as well as emailing me the above information and photos. And a special thank you for motivating me to get back into writing the blog again.


Nestroy Gasthaus and Biergarten, Weintraubengasse 7, 1020 Vienna

Website: http://www.gasthausnestroy.at/

Phone: + 43 (0) 1 58 11 346

Vienna fact: Vienna’s Prater park is home to the world’s oldest carousel wheel. Well worth a trip for a fabulous view of Vienna from one of its 15 gondolas.

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