Eating Gluten Free in Rome: La Pilotta

We arrived in Rome after a few days spent in Naples.

I’d had high hopes for my time in Naples. Naples is the birth place to pizza and – in case you’ve never read this blog or seen my Instagram feed before, I’m somewhat partial to a gluten free pizza….

But, alas, it wasn’t to happen.

Having watched both my son and husband consume two pizzas each daily, by the time we arrived in Rome I was pretty miffed at the absence of gluten free pizza.

So you can imagine my delight at discovering a trattoria/pizzeria around the corner from our hotel which offered gluten free pizza and was owned by a Coeliac.

La Pilotta is located in the shadow of the Vatican. Yet is somehow completely un-touristy.

I decided to go for the quattro formaggio gluten free pizza.

gluten free pizza La Pilotta RomaI thought the base was superb; an excellent thin and crispy base which I think you’d find hard to determine as gluten free.

The cheese on top was also very tasty and in proportion to the base.

Bonus marks for the size. I’d call this a proper, normal sized pizza, definitely not too big. And another bonus mark for arriving pre-cut in to slices!

gluten free pizza La Pilotta RomaThe only downside on our visit (which was a Saturday night) was that it was quiet. I have no idea why, this is a lovely place and I highly recommend if you’re near the Vatican.

Cost: Under EUR 50 for a meal for a family of 4 – excellent value!
Location: Via di Porta Cavalleggeri, 35, 00165 Roma RM, Italy
Would I come back?: Definitely. Great gluten free pizzas in an area otherwise full of touristy restaurants, this is a little gem.

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