Eating Gluten Free in Rome: Gelateria Fatamorgana

Have you eaten your way around Rome’s best gluten free pizza restaurants? Are you now searching for Rome’s best gluten free ice cream? A place which serves not only gluten free ice but that coeliac dream, a gluten free cone for your gelato?

If you’ve read my posts on the gluten free delights that Rome has to offer you’ll have noticed the absence of senza glutine dessert.

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where can i find the best gluten free ice cream in Rome

Why? Well I don’t really have a very sweet tooth so I usually skip it. Unless there’s gluten free ice cream available. And Rome offers a wonderful gluten free gelato option; Gelateria Fatamorgana.

Gelateria Fatamorgana is owned by a coeliac and ALL of he wonderful gelato flavours in the gelateria are gluten free. Many are also free from dairy, nuts, and other allergens. As you can see, there’s also very clear labelling on the ice creams, if like me you have other dietary restrictions in addition to gluten.

What I really like about Gelateria Fatamorgana is that they have many different and unusual flavour combinations such as white chocolate and black garlic (together!) or Pecorino cheese with orange peel. Standard ice cream, this is not.

But I have one true love when it comes to gelato flavour; stracciatella (chocolate shaving in plain gelato).

gluten free gelato Rome

And best of all, they have gluten free cones here. These come as standard for all customers whether gluten free or not. The cones are both  the tasting gluten free cones I’ve ever had but they also have a wonderful crunch.

the best gluten free ice cream cone in Italy

Gelateria Fatamorgana can be found in eight locations throughout Rome. If you visit Voglia di Pizza, you’ll find a branch a few steps away on Via dei Chiavari. Gelateria Fatamorgana is also expanding its franchise internationally and you may be lucky to find one in the USA.

Where to find gluten free gelato in Rome – Gelateria Fatamorgana

Location: Found is 8 locations around Rome and expanding. Please check the website for current locations list
Would I go back?: Forget Grom, these guys are top of my Rome list for a gelato fix

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