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General gluten free travel planning advice

Experience has taught me a few things about successfully travelling gluten free around the world. To date I’ve been lucky to visit more than 70 countries over 6 continents, travelling to 55 of these since being diagnosed with coeliac disease (and later, a tree nut allergy) over 10 years ago. When I started writing this gluten free travel blog back in 2010, knowledge of coeliac disease, even in my native London, UK, was limited.

During the last 10+ years (and in no small part as a result of increasing numbers of ‘gluten free lifestylers’ following a gluten free diet), there has been an increase in knowledge and availability of gluten free menu options in restaurants and gluten free products in supermarkets.

General gluten free travel trip planning tips

If you are planning your gluten free trip, you may find this post containing many general tips for gluten free travel (written by a coeliac) very useful as a starting point.

Gluten Free Travel Bloggers

I have always read and relied on the blogs of other coeliac travellers to gain knowledge and local insight for my gluten free travel destinations.

The following are coeliac and gluten intolerant travel bloggers whose posts I enjoy reading.

The Sightseeing Coeliac – I love following Rachel‘s travels all around the world. As a coeliac, she finds trustworthy gluten free finds. I particularly like that she travels to more interesting, off the beaten track destinations. When she took an extended trip around South America, I avidly followed her travels on Instagram, excited for the next instalment of her trip. If you’re planning a trip within Europe, you might her extensive guide to gluten free trip planning in Europe useful.

Native New Yorker – and almost lifelong diagnosed coeliac – Erin is one of the original gluten free bloggers. Back when I started this blog in 2010, hers was one of the few other gluten free blogs. Erin writes two blogs Gluten Free Fun and the travel focused, Gluten Free Globetrotter. If you are planning a trip to New York, Erin has a comprehensive gluten free guide to New York restaurants which you should definitely check out.

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Gluten Free Bloggers: Rest of the world

Gluten Free Traveller – Laura is a Scottish expat living in Portland, Oregan

Gluten Free Globetrotter Long

Gluten Free Fun (includes fantastic map of gluten free options for visitors to New York)

Because Gus – A great resource for gluten free travel in France (in French)

Celiaquitos Huge range of information for coeliacs visiting Spain (in Spanish)

Gluten Free Jet Set

Gluten Free Mike (US)

Glutenfrei in Berlin (Brit living in Berlin)

Gluten Free Goddess (US)

Gluten Free Travel Blog (US)

Lauren Schaad (Everywhere!)

Trusted gluten free travel resources

Coeliac UK is a UK based charity supporting Coeliacs. Coeliac UK offer an excellent source of information for both the newly diagnosed well as those with longer term diagnosis. Regional groups organise member meet ups with fellow Coeliacs.

Coeliac UK also offer concise, but very useful gluten free travel guides to over 50 countries around the world. Coeliac UK members can access the worldwide gluten free travel guides here.

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