Gluten Free Lunch Delivery Service From Annie’s Larder

Just launched is a new gluten free lunch delivery service from Annie’s Larder. This innovative service for gluten free customers in London is run by Annie (of the popular London gluten free supper club fame) from her dedicated gluten free kitchen. It’s one of the expanding catering ventures from Annie and her team. You can keep up to date with their news by clicking here.

When Annie told me she was planning to start up gluten free lunch delivery service, I was overjoyed because I think there’s a definite gap in the market. The part of the City of London in which my office is based is a bit of a gluten free desert – most definitely a desert and not full of gluten free desserts. Every day I struggle to find allergy friendly food in this part of town as my work canteen doesn’t offer much/anything suitable. On the day she first mentioned it, I’d just returned from the usual 30 minute round trip to get my lunch during our recent spell of never-ending rainy weather and I was drenched to the bone. Surely, I thought, there has to be an easier way?

If you work in one of the postcodes Annie’s Larder deliver to (see below), there is now.

Lunches can be ordered online by using the order form here.

For £6 your gluten free meal deal includes the following:
– Gluten free baguette, sandwich (white or brown) or salad with choice of topping
– Two side orders. Choices include soft drinks, fruit, gluten free crisps and various homemade gluten free cakes
– Food freshly made in a gluten free kitchen

I ordered a gluten free baguette with Cheddar cheese and onion relish (baguettes are freshly baked on the morning of delivery). For sides I ordered sea salt crisps made by Burt’s and a banana.

I was particularly impressed with the baguette. I think Annie has a winner of a recipe here. Just look at the photo above for a moment. That’s gluten free! The bread looks, smells and tastes like the real deal. In fact, so much so that a French colleague was admiring my baguette and asked where I’d bought it. When I told her, she was surprised as she hadn’t noticed it was gluten free. Quite an endorsement.

The convenience of Annie’s Larder lunch delivery service appeals to me as much as the quality of the product. I can’t imagine trekking 30 minutes round trip to the shops in the middle of a wet, cold and snowy winter and I will be trying out more options from the menu next week, starting with felafel served with Israeli salad and chilli on Monday.

Cost: £6 for sandwich, baguette or salad with choice of filling plus two extras
Ordering: easy through this online form
Good for: City workers looking for a safe, good quality, gluten free lunch delivered to you at very fair price
Delivery area: Currently limited to the following City postcodes: EC2M & N, EC3M & N, EC4M & N. Contact Annie directly to discuss delivery options in London outside these postcodes.
Delivery location: For those within the delivery area, your lunch can either be delivered to your office (if your office reception can accept) or at a pre-arranged convenient delivery spot such as the nearest Tube stop.


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