Gluten Free Restaurant Seville: Restaurante Postigo 10

Are you planning a trip to Seville in Spain? Wondering whether you might be able to find a restaurant serving gluten free tapas in Seville which is safe for coeliacs? Your dreams may be answered….

Travelling with small kids means wherever we are in the world, we often find ourselves eating in Italian restaurants as the Mini Ds love pizza and pasta…and there’s frequently something suitable (even a salad) for me. We loved our meal(s) at Al Solito Posto but I really was hoping to try some authentic Spanish tapas.

Thankfully Ayesha (a Coeliac who also really loves to travel!) gave me a couple of Seville recommendations including Postigo 10, which offered exclusively gluten free tapas. You can check out Ayesha’s blog here which has links to her SM accounts and photos of her many frequent travels.

When I’m away, I’m used to venturing outside of the main touristy areas to locate gluten free restaurants (I always see this as a bonus part of any trip) since gluten free restaurants are frequently located in less central areas where rents are lower. However, Postigo 10 was a hop skip and excited jump away from Seville’s hugely impressive gothic cathedral.

EVERYTHING on the Postigo 10 menu is gluten free:

Postigo 10 Menu

With some difficulty (since there was SO MUCH choice) we ordered a selection of dishes and told the kids we’d be sharing a Spanish picnic.

I ordered a Cruz Campo, my favourite gluten free beer or does the sunshine just make it taste better? Along with the gluten free beer, I also received a selection of gluten free bread and breadsticks.

The kids were somewhat suspicious of this rice and tuna salad– so Mr D got to enjoy this ourselves.

Thankfully my kids love spicy food – and these patatas bravas were properly spicy! So, so good.

Then (for me at least!) the main event arrived! What a platter!

All. Gluten. Free.

No wonder one small hand was reaching out before I could get a photo (the other had already scavenged some squid).

We also ordered some gluten free battered chicken as a back up option for the kids – but I needn’t have bothered after the storming success of the fried fish platter:

I thought the prices were all very reasonable (you can see them on the menu above). And all this gluten free fried fish was EUR 22 – plenty for all 4 of us.

The kids loved the calamari which I was happy to see them eat because what’s not to love about calamari cooked in crispy gluten free batter?

We learned our lesson from taking the kids on trips to Australia, a country where calamari is as standard on kids’ menus as chicken nuggets are on UK kids’ menus. So here we re-branded calamari from ‘squid’ to ‘Spanish chicken’ and what do you know? I had to negotiate with them for the last piece!

The other reason I was very grateful to have Ayesha’s recommendation is that there was nothing outside the restaurant to indicate that the entire menu at Postigo 10 was gluten free. I would never have gone there otherwise.

So I hope if you’re reading this and heading to Seville, you will be able to use this recommendation.

Restaurante Postigo 10 – Key information for gluten free tapas in Seville

Location: Restaurante Postigo 10C, Almirantazgo 10, 41001 Sevilla

Would I come back?: Yes, the platter of gluten free fried fish and lip smackingly spicy patatas bravas make this a must-visit restaurant in Seville – and it should be yours too.

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Gluten Free Seville: Al Solito Posto

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