Went – Ate – Loved: March 2019


Much like Brexit, I didn’t get very far in March. In fact, I’ve not been any further than London’s Zone 3.

We made the most of some sunny weekends by enjoying a few blustery walks along my favourite stretches of the Thames (OK, so I have quite a few favourite parts of Thames side walking):

View of the river Thames from the Tate Modern

A big problem on the Northern Line on the way in to work one morning meant an unscheduled walk to the office along Threadneedle Street – this wasn’t there the last time I walked this way!

Getting my artist on with a class with Artistique. This is meant to be Klimt’s Sunflowers. I don’t think you’ll find any of my work appearing on BBC’s Fake or Fortune programme any time soon…

Joined the Put it to the People March. Amazingly the kids didn’t ask ANY questions about the swear words on the signs at the march.

Instead they asked me to explain what THIS meant. Think I’d have preferred to explain some of the swear words rather than this…..

Note that the lovely lady holding this sign is wearing a ‘Baby on Board’ badge


I’ve been making more efforts to eat out less and have generally been doing OK on this front.

Poke bowls for the al desko win

March also saw the Free From Food Awards presentation to this year’s winners. You can find the full list of winners in all categories by clicking here.

Here’s a few of my highlights from the celebration party for the UK’s best in Free From foods.

Tesco – cheese alternative with peppercorns
Tesco – dairy free mature cheddar alternative
The winner’s buffet (part of!)
I loved Chef Akita’s curries – sensational flavours

We’ve had a family member staying with us from Australia this month and it’s given me the incentive to try a few new recipes.

DELICIOUS salmon with lemongrass, coconut, coriander and sweet potato mash: Every saucepan and kitchen utensil was used in the making of this dish
Curried lamb shanks with chick peas and roasted cauliflower

I did, however, have the veggie gluten free pizza delivered to my house from Pizza Da Vinci. How do they deliver their pizzas so hot?

gluten free Pizza Da Vinci Battersea London

This is the first time I’ve ordered from them this year so I class this as a result to have got to March without ordering from them as am usually a very regular customer.


I’ve really enjoyed having a house guest (or +4 guests one weekend!) this month. It has been particularly fun since he is both gluten free and dairy free. It’s always nice not being the only ‘difficult diner’ and a highlight was going for lunch together with the kids where I ordered a gluten free pizza and he ordered a vegan pizza on gluten free base…..with extra beef added.

gluten free pizza from Pizza Express, London
Pizza Express’s gluten free pizza. Hard to beat on the high street.

It was quite amusing watching the waitress trying to process this without laughing. I’ve also quite enjoyed looking at dairy free cheeses for the Ocado order. Whilst I would more than happily give up eating meat (again), I can safely say that through choice I would never give up eating proper stinky, strong and blue dairy cheeses.

What’s on the agenda in April?

We’re off to Puglia for a week, so if you have any recommendations for great places to eat gluten free food (especially pizza and gelato) in this region of Italy, please do let me know in the comments below. I’m really looking forward to it as it’s the only region of Italy I’ve never visited before – we’ll be staying in one of the local and very unique looking trulli”

We’ll also be heading to the Isle of Wight for a long weekend and I hope to try a few more gluten free gems on the island on this upcoming trip.

I am not always very great at updating Instagram but it you’re not following me there, and you fancy following along my next travels as we go off trulli spotting in Puglia (suspect there will be gluten free pizzas on the horizon as well….) then you can find me @GlutenFreeMrsD or by clicking on this link.


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  1. April 7, 2019 / 6:47 pm

    Wonderful read, wish I had more confidence to say hi to everyone at the FFFA19. Loved the mummy to be with the Euro sign, thank you for marching xx