Went – Ate – Loved: January 2019


We rang in the New Year on the 25th floor of our hotel, the tallest building in Estonia’s beautiful capital, Tallinn whilst watching fireworks erupting across the whole city through increasingly heavy snow falling.

I forsook the Russian Shampankoye for a bottle of the real stuff. And the hotel helpfully made me a gluten free burger.

Russian shampanskoye

After Tallinn we moved on to Latvia’s capital, Riga where it was properly Baltic with strong winds, snowfall and double digit sub-zero temperatures. The pretty Christmas markets seemed to have taken over every market square.

The kids loved playing in the snow (mostly!).

Visiting Riga in winter with kids

For reasons little more than, why not? we escaped London and flew to Malaga. For the night. The mini Ds are great travellers in the sense they take their parents love of travel within their stride even when it involves flying to southern Spain for the night. But their behaviour is not always angelic, and this was a weekend of squabbles.

The highlight of Malaga for me was the Picasso museum, well worth a visit if you’re in the Spanish city.

Picasso Museum Malaga


I’m attempting to be healthier this year (although reading this back as I post, I’m thinking I need to try harder with this one in February!) as we have a couple of significant, milestone events in the summer. So perhaps less will appear in this section, or maybe a different kind of meal? Not sure…in the meantime these are my favourite meals of January:

The Kentucky Shroom burger – Gaz Oakley’s collab with The Vurger Co. Expensive (for a work-day lunch) but but SO worth it.

where to find gluten free vegan burger London The Vurger Co

Dinner at Hoppers, the Sri Lankan restaurant in London’s Soho.

where to find gluten free Sri Lankan food in London

An epic birthday lunch featuring Coeliac safe fish and chips at The Mayfair Chippy.

where to find gluten free fish and chips London The Mayfair Chippy
This was such a treat – coeliac safe fish and chips is surprisingly hard to find in London

And, of course, judging at the Free From Food Awards. Lucky me I got to judge this year in the gluten free pizza categories (I know, tough gig!).

gluten free pizza chorizo dill
I hope this is lucky number 7! I loved this White Rabbit gluten free pizza.

You can read about my highlights from my judging session at the Free From Food Awards in this post.


This image of my daughter running towards boarding the plane in deep snow at Riga airport. Many adults could be concerned about several things in this photo; the propellers on the plane, the large amount of snow on the ground and/or even simply flying. But isn’t it wonderful to just love travelling for the thrill and adventure?

Riga Latvia where to travel with kids in winter
Think you can’t travel with kids to non-traditional holiday destinations? Think again….

And a final loved – because who wouldn’t love a slide in their hotel?!

slide in the Barcelo hotel Malaga
This slide takes you from breakfast to reception in one big wheeeeee!

Yes, these monthly posts are back after an extended break in 2018. I hope that you enjoyed reading and I am hoping I can stick to writing them every month in 2019. Not every month will involve travel (since we’re locked in to school holidays now) but that’s an opportunity to explore places closer to home.

You can also find me posting regularly on both Instagram and Twitter.


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