Eating Gluten Free in Rome: Voglia di Pizza

Back in 2015 Meredith wrote a great gluten free post for me about the gluten free meals she had enjoyed while in Rome.

Within the photos she sent to me to accompany the post was one taken in Voglia di Pizza. The look of sheer joy on her face was one I think alll coeliacs can relate to upon the sight of a truly gluten free meal.

Since then, Voglia di Pizza has been on my radar should I ever return to Rome.

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By luck – rather than expert planning – we happened to find ourselves near the Pantheon around lunchtime. The Pantheon is probably my favourite building in Rome. I find the construction of the dome so astonishing; it’s the world’s largest unsupported dome and I am fascinated by how the dome was constructed almost 2,000 years ago. Sadly, the queue was just way too long for two four year olds to manage. Note: They will soon be charging €3 entry to the Pantheon but I doubt this will detract many from entering.

Voglia di Pizza is about 10 minutes walk from the Pantheon, even at 4 year old go-slow, must step on every individual cobble speed.

If it weren’t for the gluten free signage on the window I might have walked past.

On entering the restaurant we were immediately asked if we wanted the gluten free or the regular menu.

Gluten free Rome Voglia di Pizza

A very good sign.

There are tables both outside and inside but we opted for inside.

Voglia di Pizza is certified with the AIC (Italian Coeliac association).

Their gluten free menu is HUGE. I liked that I had my own menu rather than trying to work out what was gluten free from the regular menu.

We had intended to only go for a main course. But the waiter asked if we’d like some deep fried courgette flowers filled with anchovy and cheese, gluten free of course. We laughed and said yes please, we’d take one to share. Why laughed? Because at our wedding in Tuscany, stuffed courgette flowers had been served along with other delicious aperitivo options. Neither Mr D nor I recall trying these at all, yet to this day guests at our wedding still mention them.

They were so delicious a small hand reached out to steal a piece of one.

Gluten free deep fried courgette flowers

The salty anchovy and cheese tucked in to a gluten free batter was a taste sensation.

When the pizzas arrived, mine had a Swiss flag to denote it was gluten free. This was lucky because I don’t see very much difference in the appearance of the gluten-full and gluten free pizzas.

Gluten free pizza Rome Voglia di Pizza

The gluten free pizza base was perfectly thin and crispy and a perfect ratio of topping to base.

As I sit here typing this, I’m mentally calculating just when and how I could fly back to Roma for another of these fantastic gluten free pizzas.

We were too stuffed for dessert so on this occasion had to pass on the gluten free tiramisu (gluten free tiramisu, people!) which was on offer.

Eating gluten free in Rome – Voglia di Pizza

Cost: Under EUR 50 for a family of 4
Location: Via dei Giubbonari, 33, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
Would I come back? This was for sure my favourite meal during our trip to Rome

You can check further details on Voglia di Pizza’s website including full menu and opening hours.

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