Tokyo Trip Planning

Finally, ten and a half months after booking the flights we’re on our way to Japan!

My preparation for this trip has been extensive. Not just on the gluten free front, but also the amount of preparation needed to take 2 year old twins on a 12 hour flight to a holiday in Tokyo. Fortunately, there’s nothing I like more than a challenge, particularly when it’s travel related!

This blog is gluten free focused, rather than about travel with kids. However the lines are becoming increasingly blurred since most of our dining and accommodation choices are now based around places suitable for both children and with gluten free options.

During our stay in Japan we’ve rented a house in Tokyo via Airbnb. This makes more sense for us than having two inter connecting hotel rooms since it a) gives everyone more space and b) cooking facilities for all of us. There is a limit to the number of times I can face eating the “safe” meal of steak and green salad ordered on room service. There aren’t many green spaces in Tokyo (compared with London) but we’ll be staying near Yoyogi Park / Shinjuku which will mean plenty of opportunity to view the cherry blossom.

Our plan for this trip is to base ourselves in Tokyo to really explore the city, taking take day trips out of Tokyo from there. The sakura is just starting to blossom (did you know in Japan a cherry blossom forecast is published?) and i’m looking forward to hanami. I’ve found a great looking railway museum (for the inner train geek in me, not just the kids), a very random noodle museum and there may be trip to Tokyo Disney. Not somewhere I’ve ever been before, or probably would go to the US/Eurodisney for but the Japanese Disney could be fun!

I’ve been to Japan before and, beautiful as Kyoto is, I don’t feel I need to return. I’d also like to explore some of the off the beaten track places in the Tokyo area which tourists don’t normally visit when they plan a trip to Japan. I’m looking forward to not racing around the country trying to tick off the major cities stopping for only a couple of days in Tokyo / Kyoto / Osaka / Hiroshima etc (….by the way, I was that person last trip).

If you want to follow my travels in and around Tokyo (and can handle a sakura overload…), I’ll be posting photos on my Instagram account. I’ll still be posting some on Twitter, but will try and keep those to the gluten free finds I will (hopefully!) find.


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  1. March 26, 2016 / 12:06 pm

    I’m really looking forward to hearing all about your trip! I lived in Japan for 4 years after university but wasn’t diagnosed coeliac until a few years after I returned so I had no trouble eating there at the time. I’d love to go back but have been quite concerned about what I’d eat so hopefully your trip will give me the courage to return. Hope you have a truly wonderful time!

    • March 26, 2016 / 12:10 pm

      Thank you! I’ve done a lot of research but we’ll see how it goes…

  2. Heather
    March 28, 2016 / 5:18 pm

    My husband and I were really excited to find your blog since we’re huge travelers with a 2-year old (just one!) and I’ve recently been diagnosed with Celiac. We’ve been to Japan four times, but all prior to diagnoses and the toddler. I’m quite excited to hear how your trip goes.

    Japan doesn’t seem the best place for food accommodations. We have vegetarian friends who say they lose weight every time they go. I think it will still be worth visiting.

    Have a great trip!

    • March 29, 2016 / 2:47 pm

      Thanks so much for your comment, that’s teallt exciting you’ve been here 4 times. Whereabouts did you visit? I must admit the food situation IS very difficult here. Not totally impossible, but certainly a challenge. On the upside, my experience so far with the kids has been nothing short of brilliant. So friendly and welcoming did kids. Restaurants in London where we live really don’t treat the kids like the Japanese restaurants do.

      • Heather
        March 29, 2016 / 9:51 pm

        We’ve been mostly to Tokyo (and Tokyo Disneyland!), as well as Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nara, Mt. Koya (staying at a Buddhist temple) and the Hakone circuit tour (five different types of transportation to and from the volcanic valley with black steamed sulfur egg–this is one must do with our little guy).

        As much as I love food, not every destination is about the food. Hopefully your kitchen will be helpful. I’m so glad to hear that Japan is so kid friendly! I’ve been a bit concerned that my rambunctious son would only get frowns.

        • March 30, 2016 / 12:00 am

          Wow, sounds like you’ve really explored a lot! So you’d recommend the Hakone circuit with littlies? The Airbnb kitchen has been a total lifesaver. Definitely the way to go if / when you return. Hehe, your comment about the rumbunctious son made me laugh, my daughter is the same. With one exception we’ve had smiles and kind looks everywhere. The only exception was at the Meiji shrine yesterday where they wanted to sit on the steps within the shrine complex – and then we got a few frowns (totally understandable).

          • Heather
            March 30, 2016 / 12:47 am

            I’d highly recommend the Hakone circuit (especially if they like trains like my son)! There’s plenty of breaks between the different sections to give little people a chance to burn off energy. Plus, gorgeous scenery and smaller villages than you might see otherwise.

            Kudos to you for risking naughtiness at the shrine. Worth a try anyway!

            Glad you are enjoying the Airbnb. I’ll look into that for our next trip. (Next year; fingers crossed!)