Gluten Free Travel on the Eurostar (Revisited)

I started writing this blog in 2010 and one of the first posts was this post on gluten free travel by Eurostar. I’ve spent a lot of time in Paris for both work and pleasure and I love the simplicity and ease of Eurostar travel. Although I do wish they were still at Waterloo as I used to be able to get to the terminal in 10 minutes from home!

A lot has changed – both in my life and the gluten free food market – in the last 5 years and I was interested to see how the Eurostar gluten free meal had changed since I’d last documented it.

There are three classes of travel carriage on the Eurostar; Standard, Standard Premier and Business Premier. I travelled in Standard Premier. Food is not served in Standard but there is a buffet car and you’re welcome to bring your own train picnic for the journey.

The breakfast on the train from London to Paris:

Service was extremely slow on the journey to Paris. It was at least an hour before any hot drinks appeared. Thankfully – since I was travelling at early o’clock – I’d picked up a coffee at Café Nero within the Eurostar station just before getting on the train.

Back in 2010 they served a hot breakfast option but no longer it seems. But look, it’s exactly the same gluten free bread!

The evening light meal on the return journey from Paris back to London:

gluten free food on the Eurostar to Paris

Lamb with ratatouille. This was actually tasty. The lamb was nicely pink and the ratatouille was as good as anything you’d find in a restaurant. The gluten free bread, however, was inedible.

After going a bit mental with the gluten free patisserie options in Paris (more on that in later posts), the banana and mango compote was a welcome dessert.

Would I travel by Eurostar again? Despite the drawbacks above, as a Londoner there’s only one quick and easy way to travel to Paris, and it’s by Eurostar.

Check back this week for more posts on gluten free and nut free finds in Paris


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  1. Vikki Cook
    June 16, 2015 / 10:06 am

    I’ve never actually been on the Eurostar (well, I’ve never been to France, actually) and I had no idea they provide food! How long does it take to get from London to Paris by Eurostar?
    Good to know, regardless, that they provide gluten free food (athough I presume that a vegetarian gluten free option could be a bit of an issue?)and the compote looks delicious!

    • June 16, 2015 / 4:48 pm

      This was in Standard Premier. There are three classes on the Eurostar; Standard, Standard Premier and Business Premier. Food isn’t served in Standard but food is served in the other two classes. Eurostar often have quite good prices on Standard Premier vs Standard so if the price difference isn’t too great, I’d pay the extra for more room, food and wine. I don’t think you can order gluten free and vegetarian meal. I’m never able to order a gluten free and nut free meal.
      But honestly, having said this, you could just pick something up from either M&S at St Pancras or even the Leon at the station and have it on the train in Standard and that would be better, especially on the veggie front.
      The train takes 2 hours 20 minutes. It’s so easy! I’ve spent a lot of time in Paris over the years and it’s never been easier to find good, safe gluten free food there. Well worth a visit!