Is Vietnamese Restaurant Pho Gluten Free?

Good news for coeliacs! You do not need to take a gluten free holiday to Vietnam to get your fix of gluten free Pho!

Deals and gluten free dining don’t always go hand in hand but there is one place where this is true…Pho Restaurants. This chain of Vietnamese street food restaurants offers a menu which is predominantly, naturally gluten free.

Pho (pronounced fuh) is a Vietnamese noodle soup in which Pho Restaurants use rice noodles. The pho both is clear, a bit like a consommé. You can choose options with chicken, thinly sliced steak and many more. It’s served with fresh herbs, bean sprouts and fresh chilli for you to add as you please to your soup.

Is this London’s best gluten free lunch deal?

Pho currently have a weekday lunch offer of 2 courses for £9.95 which is truly excellent value given the main courses included are priced around the £7.50 to £9 mark. You can choose 2 courses from either starter, main or dessert options.

Are you looking for other gluten free restaurant in London? If so, please check out my Coeliac’s Guide to Eating out in London’s best gluten free restaurants. I update this gluten free eating out guide in London every month and it includes the best gluten free dining options in London ranging from gluten free bakeries, cafes, restaurants and also the fine dining restaurants which can all safely cater to coeliacs/those on gluten free diets.

Is Pho Restaurant gluten free and suitable for Coeliacs?

The good news for coeliacs is the Pho restaurants have the Coeliac UK seal of approval! Pho have been an accredited venue with Coeliac UK for over 4 years and have worked closely with Coeliac UK to develop their gluten free menu.

There are a couple of dishes which are not suitable for Coeliacs such as the crispy spring rolls, hoi sin sauce and the beers. Otherwise the entire Pho restaurant menu is gluten free!

If like me you have a nut allergy, then dishes can also be cooked without nuts. even though the menu is incredibly friendly to gluten free diners, make sure you notify the waitperson of any allergies or intolerances so the dishes can be customised accordingly.

The good news if you live close to a Pho restaurants is that they are able to deliver your gluten free Pho via Deliveroo!

Where: Multiple locations throughout London and in the UK’s major cities. Check the website for locations

Would I go back?: I already do, regularly!

Cost: Weekday lunch deal is £9.95 for 2 courses

Do you know any other great gluten free lunch deals?


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  1. Vikki Cook
    April 7, 2015 / 11:53 am

    Good to know that there’s a place out there offering such good, healthy and international cuisine for a reasonable price! Got to ask…what are the things that look a bit like deep fried spring rolls?!?? Are they gluten free??

    • April 9, 2015 / 7:34 am

      Yes, they’re gluten free deep fried spring rolls and they taste amazing! Pho use rice paper as the wrappers and there are (I understand) no other gluten containing ingredients going in the fryer to cause a cross contamination risk.