Gluten Free Panettone (and Pasta) at Elena’s Gluten Free Way

It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas….How do I know? Because at this time every year my blog suddenly gets a major increase in traffic from people searching for gluten free panettone.

This year Elena’s Gluten Free Way are selling gluten free panettone imported from Italy. I bought two to make sure no one (and by that I really mean me) goes without!

While you’re buying your gluten free panettone from Elena, I’d highly recommend taking a look through the other great Italian gluten free products on the website.

In particular, Elena has a great range of Italian gluten free pastas in a wide variety of shapes which are hard to find in the supermarket. My favourite is the Piaceri Mediterranei Linguine. It’s made from corn, rice and chick pea flours. I love it because it holds its shape well and doesn’t stick together as many gluten free pastas tend to. As a bonus it’s currently reduced to half price!


Gluten free panettone costs £ 9.50 from Elena’s Gluten Free Way. Website:

Please note this panettone contains deglutinised ingredients.


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