Perk!ier Gluten Free Porridge Launch

Regular readers of this blog and followers on Twitter will know I’ve been a big fan of Perk!er since I first saw them at the Allergy Show last May. The chocolate treats never last long in our house, thanks to (non gluten-free) Mr D’s love of the Perk!er Popping Tiffin and brownies with white choc chunks.

I wrote about Perk!er’s delicious gluten free treats here, including their oat free porridge which I’ve been enjoying al desko sprinkled on Greek yoghurt for my breakfast every weekday since last summer.

To date I’ve been buying the oat free porridge directly from Perk!er but I was thrilled (for both Perk!er’s owner’s Ann and Steve as well as the UK’s Coeliacs and gluten intolerants) to hear the porridges were due to launch in several retailers I shop in regularly including Ocado and Whole Foods Market, with hopefully more to come soon!

On this occasion Ann sent me some of the new Fruity Berry and Apple, Cinnamon and Raisin porridge pots to try out.

As I’ve come to expect from Perk!er the packaging is bright, fun and engaging.

Preparation couldn’t be easier – just add boiling water, stir and after 2 minutes the porridge is ready to eat. No microwave, no mess and no washing up!

How did they taste? The interesting thing for me was that adding hot water to the porridge really made the fruit pieces in the porridge expand to become juicy. As I normally eat the porridge sprinkled on my yoghurt, this was a lovely change and I really enjoyed my warming porridge breakfast. There’s a line on the outside of the porridge pot which indicates how much water to add. For me, this made the porridge a little too liquid. So if, like me, you like to stand your spoon up in your porridge, I’d add less boiling water.

Many congratulations to Ann and Steve for expanding their excellent gluten free range and getting their products into some of the UK’s major retailers. For gluten free customers, these delicious porridge pots offer a convenient and easily transportable solution for breakfasts at work or when away from home.

Cost: Porridge pots are retailing at £1.99 in Whole Foods Market and currently on offer at £1.69 in Planet Organic. The large porridge boxes containing 10 generous servings will retail for around £3.99.

Where to buy: Ocado, Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic and Goodness Direct

Further information on their delicous gluten free products can be found on Perk!er’s website


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