Starbene Senza Glutine: Gluten Free Patisserie in Florence

Staying in hotels can be a fabulous break from the usual routine but sometimes renting an apartment or house can offer a more practical holiday solution for those with food allergies/intolerances. Having our own space and kitchen provides independence and means that I can prepare something safe to eat in my own time.

For our trip to Florence I didn’t feel I was missing out on much by not staying in a hotel since many Italian hotel breakfasts often seem to constitute not much more than a coffee, some ham, cheese and a sweet cake.

Having booked the apartment (highly recommended, details below), I searched for local food shop options knowing that Italian pharmacies all stock gluten free breads and cakes for possible breakfast options.

Just for fun, I searched Google for a gluten free patisserie in Florence. Would you believe it? There is one! And it wasn’t too far to walk from our apartment. So that was breakfast sorted.

Starbene Senza Glutine have 8 stores located throughout Tuscany which are listed on their website here. In Florence their store is located at the north edge of the city, about 10 minute walk from the Accademia. The location on Starbene’s website map correctly shows the store about half way down Viale Spartaco Lavagnini. However when we got there and followed the house numbers for the address, it appeared to be near to the Piazza della Libertà. Don’t make the same mistake (although I enjoyed the deour around the Piazza several times, really!). Make sure you walk down Viale Spartaco Lavagnini on the right hand side of the boulevard with your back to the Piazza and walking towards the centre of Florence and you will see it.

I was bowled over by this gluten free shop. As well as many fresh cakes, their refrigerated counter contained a good selection of savoury items and their shelves had a number of packaged goods. Importantly for me, very few items contained almonds or any other nuts.

After some very extensive consideration I chose….

A couple of fruit tarts for breakfasts:

I don’t know if this spinach slice is a traditional Italian dish but it reminded me of the Greek dish spanakopita. I thoroughly enjoyed this and wish I’d had time to buy another for our flight home.

Chocolate dipped “Cat’s Tongue” biscuits. I had intended to bring these home but once we’d tried one of the fabulously light biscuits dipped in dark chocolate, I knew they would never make it home with us. Just too good.

Some grissini sticks which did both make it back to London.

If you’re planning a stay in Florence, I thoroughly recommend staying at Palazzo Alfani. These beautiful apartments are in a 16th Century palace located directly opposite the Accademia which houses the original statue of David by Michelangelo. The statue of David must have been no more than 100 metres from me and leaning out of the window ‘Room With A View’ style, Florence’s beautiful Renaissance Duomo was at the end of the street. Enjoying my delicious gluten free breakfast treats from Starbene sitting with the huge apartment windows flung wide open in the warm Spring air whilst listening to the sounds of tourist and locals in the street below was a fabulous way to start the day.

Gluten Free Bakery Florence – Where to Find

Details: Starbene Senza Glutine Florence are located at Viale Spartaco Lavagnini n. 2/r – 50100 Firenze (please note the directions above)

Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday 07:30-13:30 / 16:30-20:00

Saturday 08:00-13:00 /16:30-20:00

Sunday 08:00-13:00

Opening hours in Italy can vary depending on the season and I highly recommend you contact them directly for opening hours via email to double check opening hours when you visit.

Starbene also have a restaurant if you are in the Calenzano (Prato) area with a restaurant offering a gluten free menu, including pizza. The restaurant website is here.

Since you’ve found this post on the amazing gluten free bakery in Florence, you might be interesting in other posts on Italy. Perhaps you might find my gluten free guide to Italy helpful. Planning a trip to Puglia? This gluten free guide to Puglia is essential reading. Heard about the Italian Coeliac Society’s app with all of their accredited venues listed? This post explains the recent changes to the AIC app and how you can access it.


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  1. April 12, 2012 / 6:05 pm

    This place looks wonderful. Too bad I didn’t see this when I was in Italy in 2009. Maybe it wasn’t open yet?

    • April 15, 2012 / 6:47 pm

      They were really great! The company was set up in 2004 but I’m not sure when the shop was opened.

  2. April 12, 2012 / 6:16 pm

    Reading your posts about Italy and its food make me both homesick and hungry!

    The spinach pie is common around northern Italy (or at least parts I’ve been to) but there are regional variations. The form I’ve had – and the one my mother makes – has no upper crust layer. My mother actually uses chard not spinach, and then breadcrumbs and cheeses. I’m going to try a GF version for Coeliac Awareness Week if I can get my act together and will post the recipe.

    Re: the Grissini, ‘saraceno’ is buckwheat (‘saracen wheat’ is another name for it, I think) – were they good?


    • April 15, 2012 / 6:41 pm

      Alex – Yes, please DO make a gluten free version of the spinach/chard pie for Coeliac Awareness Week. It was truly delicious and I think it would be a great dish for summer. Yum!

      Interesting the grissini were made with buckwheat flour. They were really good – very light and crispy.