WAGfree Cafe, Brixton Village

After our fabulous lunch at Honest Burgers there was only one place to go: WAGfree Bakery (“WAG” stands for wheat and gluten), the source of the delicous gluten free burger buns, in search of dessert.

Brixton Village is a lively 1930s indoor covered market which is home to lots of small independent eateries, all very enticing looking. It has a great atmosphere, lively and with a great sense of community. It really does feel like nowhere I’ve been recently in London.

Despite not living that far from Brixton, I’ve somehow managed not to make it to WAGfree yet (I know!).

Having already eaten my lunch, I just wanted a sweet treat. I approached the counter and sitting on top was a gluten free chocolate brownie for tasting. What a treat! I always have to turn down small tasters so this was a bit novel.

The nutty gluten free brownie was made with teff flour and was deliciously densely chocolatey. We bought one to share:

As I’d already had my lunch I didn’t get a chance to try the great food on offer at WAGfree. I’m looking forward to having a gluten free toastie for lunch there soon. Other gluten free treats on offer are quiches, pies, breads and flatbreads, fresh gluten free pasta and even jammie dodgers and WAGon wheels!

As well as running the bakery and cafe in Brixton Village, WAGfree also have a small shop selling gluten free products such breakfast cereals / granolas and gluten free flours including teff flour. I was really pleased to see they stocked the gluten free Dialsi range of Italian gluten free pastas which I’d tried and enjoyed at the Allergy Show earlier this year.

Now that I’ve found my way to Brixton Market once, I will be going back very soon.

Details of opening times and and photos of the delicious gluten free foods on offer can be found on WAGfree Bakery’s website or Facebook page.


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