Genius….Gluten Free Mince Pies

Ho, Ho, Ho(t)…. It’s the hottest October day for over 100 years so what do we do? Try the new Genius gluten free mince pies, of course!

The very nice people at Genius sent me a pack of 4 mince pies to try in advance of their imminent pre-Christmas release.

The mince pies are the latest addition to the recently expanded Genius brand which now covers more than just gluten free bread. The expanded Genius range includes frozen gluten free products such as Cornish slices, steak and ales pies and ready made pastry. Genius have also recently launched their gluten free bread in the US.

So how did the Genius gluten free mince pies taste?

The shortcrust pastry was sweet and so deliciously light in texture. For a shop bought mince pie, I was really impressed with the pastry. The mincemeat filling is made from sultanas, currants, raisins and Bramley apples. I found the filling to be fresh and nicely spiced. I also liked the good mincemeat filling to pastry ratio.

If you don’t want to miss out on mince pies during the festive season, I recommend trying the tasty gluten free version from Genius.

The Genius gluten free mince pies go on sale at Tesco stores nationwide from October 17th. Click here for your nearest Genius store locator and the products which they carry.


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