Mrs D Goes…Gluten Free on the Eurostar

Things started well for our weekend in Paris. From arrival at the beautifully redeveloped St Pancras station it took no more than 5 minutes to print our Eurostar tickets at the automated machine, move through passport and security control and get through into the waiting lounge. Not many airports could compete with that!

When our train was called to board, we went up to our platform to find sunlight streaming in through the station roof onto the platform:

As we stood at the entrance to our Eurostar carriage and had our tickets checked, the steward checked the passenger list and confirmed a gluten free meal had been ordered for me.

We had decided to travel in Leisure Select which is in between Standard and Business classes on the train but a meal is served.

My heart sank when my meal tray arrived. Not only did the tray have the regular croissants placed on it but it had gluten free white bread. Yum, my favourite. Not. Just to make it even more appetising the label slapped on the front said it had been produced 2 days ago and should be rated by tomorrow. Mmmm, delicious!

In fact the gluten free white bread turned out to be better than I feared when coated in apricot jam.

The hot meal arrived. A poached salmon omelette with potatoes and mushrooms. I love an omelette me and this was quite fresh tasting. For Gavin & Stacey fans out there, I blame my Welsh roots for my love of omelettes!

So how did the Eurostar rate? For me there’s only one way to travel between London and Paris, and that’s on the train. It’s stress free travel at it’s best whether you’re travelling gluten free or not. Vive le train!

Gluten Free Mrs D

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