A Very Genius Goody Bag!

Proving that goody bags happen to normal people (and not just A list celebs!) check out what treats the attendees of the Genius gluten free Claridges Afternoon tea skipped home with…

A very useful (Genius, even!) large shopper

So what lay inside?
A loaf of brown Genius bread, wooden spoon spoon complete with smiley face and copy of Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne’s book “How to Cook for Food Allergies”.
I had not seen Lucinda’s book before but I really recommend buying it, it’s available on Amazon. The book is not limited to gluten intolerance, it also covers egg, soya, nut and dairy food allergies providing easily customisable recipes in accordance with specific dietary requirements.
The first thing I like about this book is that it has great sounding and looking recipes but which don’t involve masses of ingredients, despite the restrictions of cooking with substitute ingredients. Every time I open the book, it falls open at a recipe for Tarte Nicoise made with Lucinda’s cornmeal and potato pastry. If you read my post about Genius Afternoon Tea at Claridges you will know that tarts / quiches are something I really miss.
The other thing which is great about this book is that it’s a real reference book for gluten free living and I have not come across a book so far containing an equivalent level of detail. Lucinda explains ingredients, how to substitute them, and provides lots of information on how to live a normal life in a gluten filled world. It’s particularly strong on advice for gluten intolerant babies and children.
I think it’s a great book, and one which I will be referring to for a long time to come.  

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