Eat Natural: Great New Gluten Free Packaging

Usually I like it when packaging of gluten free goods quietly whispers “I’m gluten free” in small text at the bottom of the back of the packet. It makes me feel ‘normal’. But I just popped into Waitrose and saw this new packaging for a 4 pack of my favourite Eat Natural bars.

There’s nothing subtle about this. It’s shouting at the top of it’s voice, “Hello lady, buy me, I’m gluten free!” but it’s fun and it made me smile after a long day in the office.


The back:

It reads:

“Dear Eat Naturalists:

Some people think being on a gluten free diet is a really miserable life of unexciting and tasteless stuff to eat. Well, excuse me, but that’s just a pile of nonsense. Just take a little gander at the gorgeous stuff in this bar and tell me who’s “going without”.

Rich dark chocolate, juicy cranberries, crunchy macademias and brazils, coconut, honey….Compromise? Are you having a laugh?

Seems like there’s nothing to worry about at all. So why all the fuss? Come to think of it…it’s just a really delicious bar which everyone can enjoy.

Don’t know why we even mentioned the ‘gluten free’ thing in the first place.

Simple…isn’t it?”

Brilliant! Couldn’t have put it better myself!

Gluten Free Mrs D

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