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One of the best things about not eating gluten any more is that I have become more aware of ensuring my diet is healthy and balanced. For me the key to a healthy diet is lots of veggies, fruit, beans and pulses with a small amount fish and meat. I was vegetarian for most of my 20s and luckily I love pulses and veggies.

For a great deal of my vegetarian life I lived in Russia, a country not exactly famed for its vegetarian cuisine. More often than not, the only non meat / non fish option was tomato and cucumber salad. And I hate cucumber! While I was a student in Russia I loved taking time to plan and cook fantastic veggie meals to make up for lack of choice in restaurants.

Friends would come to visit me in Russia bringing their bags full of lentils and spices for me as i couldn’t easily find them in Russia. If I was lucky, they might bring a block of coconut milk too!

Every day I would reach for the ultimate vegetarian bible, Rose Elliot’s Complete Vegetarian to search out a tasty meal for the evening. Yum, I can still taste the lentil dhal I’d regularly make from her recipe!

So imagine my glee this morning when I opened the Metro to read a review for Rose Elliot’s New Complete Vegetarian handbook, newly updated and just published this month in hardback.

Obviously I had to invest. Can’t wait to try the lentil dhal…hope it’s as good as I remember!

Gluten Free Mrs D


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