Limey Snack Attack

I think in life you’re either a sweetie or a salty. I watch people in the office devour packs of Haribo as if their lives depended upon it, but I feel no envy. The meerest rustle of a crisp packet, however, my ears prick up and I scan the room furtively trying to locate the source of such food pleasure.

So it was something of a blow for me to discover that my all time favourite guilty pleasure and treat for yet another night spent working late in the office – Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps- contain Mr Nasty, gluten.

I was in my local Waitrose last night and really in the mood for a small treat. Normally I take the sensible low calorie path of crispbreads but right then I wanted to be naughty. Hmmm…not exactly wild, but you get the picture. Yep, I was having a snack attack.

As I looked longingly at the crisp shelves, my eyes were drawn to Doritos, Hint of Lime. Just for fun I turned the pack over expecting Mr Nasty to be lurking in there somewhere. Would you believe it? The back of the packet stated “suitable for coeliacs”. Hallelujah! First time I’ve seen that noted on a crisp packet.

There is a God, and she comes with a hint of lime…


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