GF Bread Part 1: Genius Bread

I’ve tried two varieties of the Genius bread, the white and brown.

I’m not a fan of white GF bread -it’s too sugary and cake like for me – so this was never going to bowl me over.

In its favour, I made a sandwich from it and the bread held its shape well without crumbling.

For white bread, it tasted good when I toasted it but probably better suited to jam or honey on it than the Marmite I put on top.

Genius brown was a different story.

For me, it tasted just like ‘normal’ bread. Certainly looks like bread…

This was the first gluten free brown bread I’d found that not only did tasted great, but I was so happy to eat something as simple as bread, knowing it wasn’t going to make me ill.

I sliced it, put into sandwich bags and placed in the freezer so I could toast at will since I wasn’t going to eat the whole loaf while it was fresh.

Finally, I’d found a GF bread which I actually liked the taste and texture of.

But would you believe, just as I’d found Genius love, along comes another contender for my affections…

Gluten Free Mrs D


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