Easy Weekend Lunch: easy bean, New Mexican Chilli

This weekend I was on the hunt for a no fuss, no preparation lunch.

I’m currently studying for an OU History of Art course and last weekend was dedicated to writing my first academic essay of 15 years. Jeez, what it tough! Although the course I’m doing carries credits towards a degree, I’m doing this purely “for fun”. Didn’t feel like a whole heap of fun this weekend as I grappled with academic values in art and a Turner painting I hope never to see again!

As I was focused solely on completing the essay, I needed a fast and nutritious lunch. I spotted the Easy Bean, New Mexican Chilli in my local Waitrose and that seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

How did it taste? For a start it was very tomato-y which is a big winner with me. It was fresh, had plenty of kidney beans and tasted almost as good as homemade. I thought the size was perfect for a nutritious meal but probably wouldn’t suit anyone with a big appetite.

What did I serve it with? Doritos Hint of Lime, of course!

Gluten Free Mrs D


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