Gluten Free Brussels & The GF Waffle Search

2015 started in a slightly unexpected place: Brussels. Mr D and I have had a deal going for the last 15 years (albeit not always together) that we’d spend New Year’s Eve away somewhere abroad. Previous exciting New Year destinations have included Sydney, New York, Rio, Moscow and that capital of craziness, Oslo along with a variety of other cold places. So when on 29th December we realised we were about to break the tradition, we had a mad scramble to find a destination with available flights (cheers, BA Air Miles!) and plenty of hotel availability.

Having booked our flights and arranged the hotel in Brussels, my thoughts turned to gluten free food. I’ve been to Brussels and other cities in Belgium plenty of times before so knew I should be fine with moules frites. There is a rumour that the cooking of frites in Belgium is protected by a law meaning they must be cooked in a segregated fryer, removing the risk of cross contamination for coeliacs. However, I’ve researched this and can’t find any evidence it is indeed correct.

But forgetting moules, frites and even chocolate, what I really wanted on this trip was a gluten free waffle. Having investigated, it appeared no one had found a safe, free from cross contamination, gluten free waffle in a restaurant in Brussels. Luckily I’m persistent and so whilst the search continues for restaurant gluten free waffles, I did find these three bad boys in a supermarket:

Where to eat & gluten free resources

The Coeliac Society of Belgium very kindly provided me with the following list of resources when planning a trip to Brussels / Belgium

Gluten free Brussels Facebook page There are lots of gluten free restaurants and bakeries recommended on this page. The page owner is also swift at responding to any questions.

Gluten Free Belgium

Travel Gluten Free

For gluten free pizza you could try:

Italia in Tavola

Toscana 21

Fancy a gluten free beer? Try the Delirium Café

For lighter salads, try Exki which is a type of healthy Pret-style place we found all over the city

Where to supermarket shop

I found good availability of gluten free products in all of the supermarkets I visited, even the smallest. Of all the supermarkets I visited, the Louis Delhaize supermarket chain had the best gluten free range. I found the gluten free waffles in Louis Delhaize Belliard and this particular store had the widest gluten free product range and variety of chilled goods such as salads. If you’re staying in the area, it’s well worth checking out.

Louis Delhaize Belliard

Gluten Free Fish & Chips: Wolfies of Hove

Last weekend we got in the (new) car with (new) forward facing car seats for the twins (more exciting than it sounds) and left SW London for a day out. Except by the time we reached the M25 we realised in our excitement we’d forgotten to actually decide where we were going. Seeing a sign for Brighton, we headed there.

Thanks to the marvels of social media, my plea for help on where to eat safely and gluten free was promptly responded to with lots of great suggestions. High five to the ever helpful gluten free community!

Googling on the iPhone I stumbled across links to Wolfies fish and chips in Hove who seemed to offer gluten free fish and chips on a daily basis. Really? Might I actually enjoy some gluten free fish and chips for lunch by the sea? I telephoned to check they had gluten free batter. They did, and a new batch was just being made up just as I called. Were there any tables for us to eat in and, even more demandingly on my part, were there two high chairs? Yes to both. It turned out the tables were the high, bar stool type, and – seriously going beyond the call of the duty – owner Dave Keston had borrowed the highchairs from the pub up the road. Having squeezed us and the double buggy into not exactly the largest space inside Wolfies, we ordered.


What impressed me as we waited for our order in the clean looking, white tiled, fish and chip shop was not only the steady stream of customers but they were all giving feedback to the team on how fantastic they thought the fish and chips were at Wolfies. Literally every person entering the shop said how much they loved the fish and chips there. At Wolfies the fish is sustainably sourced and the potatoes come from a farm in the area.

Gluten free fish and chips are offered every day, unlike at many chippies. A dedicated, separate fryer is used for cooking the fish in gluten free batter. The chips are only ever cooked with chips meaning no cross contamination there either. The gluten free batter at Wolfies is a combination of rice, tapioca and potato flour which has been developed by Dave’s son who has Coeliac and gluten intolerant friends. He’s worked hard on his recipe, even working on through into the night to get it just right.

Gluten free fish & chips

By the time our fish and chips arrived, my expectations were sky high. And I was not disappointed. The gluten free batter was light and crunchy. It wasn’t a tempura batter but it had that type of lightness of texture to it. The fish was silky soft, flaked wonderfully and was also incredibly fresh. I ordered the twins a kid’s portion each. Mini D1 who had at this point not eaten for well over a week due to sickness, wolfed down her portion. Major hit. This was the first time I’d let the kids eat fish without carefully flaking it to check for bones. But I was completely reassured that Wolfies fillet the fish so well no customer has found one.

Small hands on big chips

If you’re in the Brighton / Hove area, I thoroughly recommend you check out Wolfies. And if you’re not in the area, it’s just down from Hove train station where there is also a large car park. Dave is going to be opening a second venue a few doors along with lots of gluten free options, more seats and where you can enjoy the gluten free fish and chips.

Dave and his family were so friendly to us, I was extremely pleased we’d very randomly stumbled across the wonderful gluten free fish and chips at Wolfies.

Would I go back? Yes, would love to try out the new venue when it’s open

Location: 90 Goldstone Villas, Hove BN3 3RU

Cost: £20 for two adult potions of cod and chips plus two children’s portions. Truly excellent value.