Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies….Thanks, Nigella!

I think I’ve got into the habit now of carefully checking and monitoring what I eat at home and when I go out for dinner. But once in a while a little curve ball comes along and a new challenge appears. And so it was that I received an email inviting me to a “bring and share” event at work for the team I work in. Uh oh. First of all, what do I bring? Then what will I be able to share?

I quickly realised that giving was going to be SO much better than receiving for this so I set about thinking what to bake. It had to be easy to transport on the commute to work, not difficult to bake and most of all something that everyone would like. One option. Chocolate brownies. Who doesn’t love them?

I looked for some of the Hale & Hearty Chocolate Brownie mix but couldn’t find any so decided I’d have to make my own. So I turned to Nigella for help in the form of her Flourless Chocolate Brownies.

Nigella’s recipe called for a LOT of butter:

iphone 1409 225x300 Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies....Thanks, Nigella!

I haven’t made anything with gound almonds before but was interested to see how these would add to the texture of the brownies..

iphone 1410 225x300 Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies....Thanks, Nigella!

Yummy melted chocolate…..

iphone 1411 225x300 Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies....Thanks, Nigella!

Fresh out of the over…….the fresh hot baked brownie mix smelt huh-mazing……

iphone 1412 225x300 Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies....Thanks, Nigella!

And here’s the final product!

iphone 1415 300x225 Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies....Thanks, Nigella!

Nigella’s flourless chocolate brownies were incredibly easy to make and tasted absolutely amazing. I think the ground almonds added a real depth of texture which is sometimes lacking in gluten free baking. I’d like to experiment a little more with cakes using this ingredient.

Luckily for Mr D, everyone else at work had the same bright idea to make brownies so I was able to bring a few home. Who needs flour when you can make something this good?

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