BBQ with Jamie Oliver’s "My Favourite Old Style Pork Chops"

Friday night was BBQ night but when we pulled the BBQ out for a clean we discovered a problem and it had officially cooked its last sausage. Cue trip to B&Q to replace it.

New BBQ duly bought and built, we went to a large branch of Tesco in search of supplies. I was amazed just how many sausages, burgers and other BBQ items on sale in Tesco contained gluten. Eventually we came accross these Jamie Oliver pork chops.

Mr D is very pleased with the new BBQ so have included this for him.

They were very chunky chops which had been seasoned with cumin, fennel and paprika.

How did they taste? Very pleasantly seasoned, the paprika added warmth but not spicy heat. I know it would be pretty easy to replicate this seasoning at home but we were looking for something quick to chuck on the barbie.

Thumbs up all round for these Jamie Oliver pork chops.


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