Surprising Items Labelled as Gluten Free: Branston Pickle

So today’s post was supposed to be about the Mexican restaurant Wahaca. I officially *heart* Wahaca and had been looking forward all morning (or in all honesty the whole 2 weeks since I made the plans) to lunch there with a friend. When we arrived eagerly anticipating a Mexican feast, we were shocked to discover a problem with the water in East London had forced closure of the restaurant. What a nightmare!! We’ll be meeting up again in a couple of weeks so my post about their fab food and very helpful mails on their Coeliac friendly food will have to wait.

Instead, today’s post is about items of of food which surprise me when I see their labelling as gluten free.

Branston Pickle.

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I was rifling through the fridge earlier and noticed the back label on Branston Pickle stated “suitable for a gluten free diet”. Not sure why I find this surprising, and clearly it’s great, but it got me thinking. For items like GF bread, pasta or biscuits which are made as specific alternatives to food products, labelling them as gluten free is clearly a requirement. It’s the point of the product.

But who decides for products like Branston pickle which I wouldn’t necessarily associate with gluten? How and why do producers decide to change their labelling? Are food producers listening to the growing gluten free market and updating their labelling as a result?

Comments very welcome!

Gluten Free Mrs D

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