Konnichiwa, Gluten Free Snack!

Gluten free, fat free and cholesterol free. Doesn’t sound like a whole heap of fun, right? Wrong. I picked up a pack of these in my local Whole Foods Market thinking they were worth trying, despite their lack of anything bordering on naughtiness.

How did they taste? Surprisingly good. They were crispy and tasted pretty healthy. Particularly liked the ones with the seaweed wrapped aournd them. I chose the ‘Mini spicy’ pack and they certainly had a little spicy hum.

No need to say ‘sayonara’ to this top snackage. I’ll be heading back to Whole Foods to buy some more soon.


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  1. SignatureScent
    March 14, 2010 / 9:46 pm

    Konnichiwa here I come. Will be sampling these tomorrow I think.

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