Gluten Free Bread Part 2: Mrs Crimbles

So how did Mrs Crimbles measure up in the GF bread challenge?

I bought the Mrs Crimbles loaf with ground flaxseed and linseed.

Certainly looks good:

I sliced it for toast and you can see the linseed & flaxseed in this shot.

I really loved this bread. The texture was excellent, not at all crumbly. The linseed / flaxseed in the bread added weight which the Genius didn’t have. What I also really liked was that the bread was quite dense so the butter and Marmite I put on top didn’t seep through to the plate.

For toast, this bread was perfect.

I found the 2 slices I had for breakfast managed to keep me going until lunchtime, in a way that only porridge used to in my pre-GF life.

Mrs Crimbles, GF breadtastic!

Gluten Free Mrs D


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